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Compass Pointing North

The Navigator

The name of a building is an intensely meaningful part of bringing a development to completion.  This building is next to the former St. Brendan's Church in Braddock, PA.  In the mid-1980's, during the free-fall of Braddock and much of the so-called rust belt, St. Brendan's merged with several other dioceses.  We honor this history with a deeper look for who this was named.  

Providing guidance and inspiration - The Navigator.

St. Brendan

St Brendan was a early explorer from Ireland - around the time 550.  His early expeditions may have included present day Iceland, the Canary Islands, The Azores, and other locations.  

These travels were described much later in The Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis ("The Voyage of St. Brendan").

With this background "The Navigator" has placed navigation as a centerpiece to the building, weaving subtle nautical themes and references throughout - including lighting, door signage and outdoor signs to build a comprehensive perspective on what it means to be The Navigator..

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